The Salween Peace Park project is a vision for the creation a space that promotes peace, cooperation, cultural preservation, and environmental and natural resources conservation through a bottom-up, people-centred approach. The overall shape and internal activities of the Salween Peace Park are informed by a wide range of stakeholders, but will evolve organically through collaborative research and deliberation.

The long-term aim for the Salween Peace Park is to demonstrate what truly good governance could be for the Salween River Basin, and provide a people-centered alternative to the top-down, militarized development that has been pushed in the region by previous regimes. The project also aims to expand the conversation around “governance” in Burma beyond mere management of resources, but to address issues of militarization, conflict, displacement, resource capture, and destructive development, and through this contribute to conflict transformation. Likewise, it expands the concept of “Water Governance” beyond just the water in the river itself, to include the land, forest, bio-diversity, upland shifting cultivation, customary land systems, and cultural and sacred sites along the Salween River Basin.