Mushroom Wisdom (Karen language)

Mushroom Wisdom (Karen language) 13 MB 6 downloads

IconApril 24, 2023
There is rich diversity of fungi, as well as traditional knowledge about them, in the Salween Peace Park now established in the Karen borderlands. It was considered worthwhile to do research to reveal both this valuable biodiversity them for conservation policy making and to strengthen and promote lifesaving traditional wisdom. Our women’s research team picked up the challenge and conducted 5 years of investigation to enrich our knowledge of the kinds and uses of 106 species of mushrooms that have at least one use as food, medicine or other purpose for the Karen people. The research is published...
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Conserve Watershed for Biodiversity

Conserve Watershed for Biodiversity 5 MB 199 downloads

IconApril 21, 2023
With a theme ‘Conserve Watershed for Biodiversity’, this Thooleikawwei Magazine includes articles on watershed management, the importance of water resources, water rights, wildlife management and conservation in Karen culture, traditional herbal medicine for Tuberculosis (TB), endangered wildlife species (Dhole) as well as many other articles on Karen culture, current political situation and IDPs, and poems. ...
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We Protect Our Kaw, and Our Kaw Protects Us (English language)

We Protect Our Kaw, and Our Kaw Protects Us (English language) 0.00 KB 342 downloads

IconFebruary 23, 2023
Reciprocity and Resilience of Indigenous Communities in the Face of Climate Change and Militarisation in Thawthi Taw Oo Indigenous Park Despite the considerable hardships and difficulties that they continue to face, the community has found resolve and resilience within their ancestral territory, known in Karen as their Kaw. This report explores mitigation measures and coping strategies of communities in dealing with climate hazards such as storms, landslides, floods and pest outbreaks, as well as seven decades of armed conflict, militarization, displacement and dispossession at the hands of the...
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The 20th Anniversary: A Pathway to Social and Environmental Justice

The 20th Anniversary: A Pathway to Social and Environmental Justice 23 MB 206 downloads

IconApril 4, 2022
November 18th, 2021 marked 20 years since the establishment of the Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN). To recognize two decades of successes, challenges, and lessons learnt, we are proud to release a book of photo essays: ‘A Pathway to Social and Environmental Justice.’ Please get the photo essay book to see our journey and works. ...
23 MB 206Downloads
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