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Date 2018-02-21
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The theme of this environmental magazine is "Let's Protect our Planet by choosing Alternative Energy."Following this theme, the magazine provides information on options for the community to get community managed energy rathern than relying on the centralized energy from the government. The magazine also includes other topic such as

  • Opposition of the villagers against coal power plant,
  • Dam is not the only option to generate ....
Date 2017-08-16
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Including different topics such as land grab problems and different environmental issues, the magazine describes the collective effort of the Karen indigenous communities, Mutraw District's Forestry Department, and Karen community based organization to establish the Salween Peace Park in the Karen State, Burma/Myanmar. 


Date 2016-12-30
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This environmental magazine provides information on the current situation in the Karen State, where business people and companies has been exploiting the natural resources and leaving numerous problems for local people while wiping out people's land and resources that are essential for their lives. Sections including traditional poems, culture, voices from the community, reports and news are also included in this magazine.

Date 2015-12-31
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This environmental magazine provides information on the Burma/Myanmar government's current plans to build large dams in ethnic areas along the Salween River. It raises the fears and concerns of local people living in the vicinity of the dam sites, drawing attention to the potential impacts of such destructive dam projects on the homes, livelihoods, and cultural heritage of people who have been living along this great river for generations. Many other interesting topics and sections are also ....

Date 2015-07-21
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Burma/Myanmar is currently opening its doors to increased foreign investment. Investment has the potential to bring economic benefits to the country and its people. However, Burma/Myanmar has not yet established the rule of law and policies and regulations to guarantee the well-being of the people. With ongoing corruption, centralization of Burmese government control, an unstable political situation and ongoing conflict, can such investment benefit our ethnic minority people? To understand ....

Date 2014-12-31
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This Karen language magazine provides readers with information and insights into topics including dams on the Salween River, planned Special Economic Zones in Burma/Myanmar, the Asia Highway passing through Karen State, land related problems, gold mining, climate change, indigenous knowledge on making pottery and many other subjects.

Date 2014-07-31
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The theme of this issue of Thuleikawwei magazine is the suffering of local people due to s climate change; the magazine also looks at the hunger for energy by Thailand, hydro-power projects, mining developments, and provides information on the use of chemicals in industrial production.

Date 2013-12-25
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This magazine tells the audience about how mega development projects threaten the environment and local communities in different ways that local peoples will have reasonable cause to be concerned about. It also includes information about climate change and its effects, and other environment related topics relevant to Karen State and elsewhere in Myanmar (Burma).

Date 2013-09-30
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This Karen language environmental magazine, which includes feature articles, reports, and poems, covers mining and its effects, changes and concerns after the ceasefire between the Burma/Myanmar government and the Karen National Union (KNU), environmental destruction, and indigenous knowledge related to climate change.

Date 2013-03-29
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