The Environmental Education program aims to develop and provide environmental education services and materials to increase the environmental awareness of children, youth, community members, and leaders, and to increase their participation in mitigation and adaptation measures both inside Burma’s Karen State and along the border. KESAN delivers outreach environmental trainings on request, disseminates environment education materials, and is working with the Karen educational system to integrate environment issues into school curriculum.

Though it is difficult to measure the ultimate effects environmental education over the short term, since KESAN’s founding this program has been successfully cultivating an environmental vision and building capacity for tomorrow’s Karen leaders. These educational activities have been crucial to restoring hope and empowering Karen people in an area where civil war and state discrimination has left many without opportunities for formal education. Now, as limited reforms and the fragile peace allow the Karen education system to expand and thrive, there are new opportunities to make environmental awareness a cornerstone of the Karen youth experience.